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I have worked with Hamlett Environmental Technologies on several projects over many years. They represent quality manufacturers, but more important is that I know I can count on them to promptly respond if there is a problem. Hamlett Environmental Technologies has demonstrated that they truly appreciate their Customer and will be there when you need them most. Please feel free to call me, I will tell you about the Jobs and Service I have received from Hamlett Environmental Technologies.

Brad W. Roberts
Utilities Director
City of Chelsea
305 S. Main St.
Suite 100
Chelsea, Michigan 48118

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Represented Manufacturers

aerzen Aerzen USA
Direct Drive Turbo And Positive Displacement Blowers, and Screw Compressors provided in Sound Attenuating Packages
ashbrook simon-hartley Alfa Laval
Spiral Heat Exchangers, Centrifuges, Belt Press, Gravity Belt Thickeners
aqua-aerobic Aqua-Aerobic Systems
>SBRs, Activated Sludge Treatment Systems, Surface Aerators, Mixers, Diffused Aeration equipment, Tertiary Cloth and Sand Media Filtration
aquarius technologies Aquarius Technologies
Aquarius Technologies, Inc. provides high quality, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment solutions by focusing on customer’s needs and building long term partnerships. Aquarius’ offerings include diffused aeration systems, fixed biofilm systems and advanced biological treatment systems.
aquionics Aquionics
In-line and In-Channel Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems For Drinking Water And Effluent
biowater BioWater Technologies
AccuFAS© Submerged Fixed-Film Process, Trickling Filter Media, SedVac™ Sediment Dredge System, Non-metallic Collectors, Tube Settlers, Scum Collectors
AccuFAS© Fixed Film Process, Non-Metallic Collectors for Rectangular Clarifiers and Grit Removal, Rotating Scum Pipes, Solids Vacuuming System

Factory Calibrated Sensors for Water & Wastewater including Dissolved Oxygen, Suspended Solids, Sludge Blanket, pH & ORP

conservatek CST Covers
Aluminum Dome and Flat Covers For Steel And Concrete Tanks
danfoss Danfoss
Variable Frequency Drives designed specifically for the water and wastewater industry
duall division Duall Division of MetPro
BioScrubber, Chemical Scrubber, and Adsorptive Carbon Odor Control Systems, Corrosion Resistant Fans, PVC Duct
electrolytic Electrolytic Technologies
High concentration, On-Site Hypochlorite Generation Disinfection Systems
A leader in filtration, liquid/solids separation, oil/water separation and mixing equipment for over 30 years. Products include: sludge and vactor waste dewatering containers, oil separators, educator mixing systems and plate style filter presses.
fluid cynamics Fluid Dynamics
Liquid and Dry Polymer Blending and Metering Systems
fkc FKC
High efficiency, high concentration Dewatering Screw Press, Rotary Drum Thickener, Class A Biosolids System, Septage Dewatering, Dredging Dewatering
ipec IPEC
Static and Rotating, Coarse and Fine Screens, Rotary Drum Thickener
jwc JWC Environmental
Muffin Monster and Channel Monster Grinders, Coarse and Fine Screens, Washer/Compactor, Grit Removal Equipment, Septage Receiving, Fish Cleaning Station
jwc KWS
Screw conveyors and complete materials handling systems
neptune Neptune
Chemical Metering Pumps, Mixers, Chemical Handling equipment
neptune Orbinox
Over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing knife gate valves, penstocks, sluice gates, dampers, and specialty engineered valves for industrial and municipal markets worldwide.
polyprocessing Polyprocessing
Cross-linked, HDPE Tanks, Double Wall Safety Tanks, Complete line of tank accessories
miox RM Products Ltd
Modular Fiberglass Buildings to "Represented Manufacturers"
roberts filter Roberts Filter Group
Pressure, Gravity, and Package Filtration equipment
RWL Water
Aeromix Aeration Equipment & Aerators, Packaged Treatment systems
Sand and Jurs Shand & Jurs
Digester Gas Handling and Safety Equipment
triplepoint Seepex
Manufacturer of a complete line of progressive cavity pumps for sludge, cake, polymer and liquid chemicals. SEEPEX offers the exclusive Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) that provides longer stator life and is much easier than conventional designs to repair in place. Also available is the ALPHA line of pre-package chemical metering pumps and skids.
siemens Siemens Turbomachinery
Premium Efficiency, Single Stage Centrifugal Blowers, Dual-Point Aeration Control and Energy Usage Optimization Systems
triplepoint Triplepoint Water Technologies
Patented, double-bubble aeration and mixing technology for simple deployment and retrofitting of lagoon systems
Valves and Accessories for Water & Wastewater Including Air, Ball, Butterfly, Check, 100% Port Plug Valves, & Control Sytems
verder gpm Verder
Heavy duty peristaltic (hose), rotary lobe and double disc diaphragm and Chemical Feed Tubing Pumps
westech WesTech Engineering
Fine and Coarse Screening, Washer/Compactor, Grit Removal, Clarifiers, Replacement Clarifier Drives, Rotary Distributors, STM Aerotor IFAS System, Oxidation Ditch System, Pressure and Gravity Filtration, Digester Steel and Membrane Covers, Digester Mixers and Screens, Gravity Thickeners, DAF and DNF Thickeners, Septage Receiving, Forced Draft Aerators, Flocculators, Inclined Plate Settlers, Oil/Water Separators, Membrane Filtration, Complete Package Treatment Systems, Residuals Handling Equipment

ZAPS Technologies
Real Time, on-line Analytical and Monitoring for process control

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